for (highly) sensitive and intuitive women

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Empowerment training for (highly) sensitive and intuitive women
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Initiation course into sacred and healing body-mind-voice practices and rituals
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Self Growth

Self Growth program for inspiring femininity and potent leadership

Does this sound like you?

Do you feel deep inside drawn to the energetic qualities of a goddess & queen, a temple dancer & blessing singer, a medicine woman & alchemist?

Do you long for the authentic, creative and graceful expression of your femininity?

Do you wish to follow the path of beauty?






Upcoming Sacred Arts Moon Retreats/Seminars - new schedule announcement February 2020!

Click below to get a detailed example program, which was created for the Sacred Arts Full Moon Initiation Retreat in October 2019

What is a sacred arts muse?

The name muse derives from the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song and poetry, the arts and sciences.

A Sacred Arts Muse uses her feminine intuition and sensitivity as the source of inspiration and wonder. She is developing and strengthening her innate powers to envision and express soulful creative beauty with love, gratitude and grace.

Sacred Breath

to purify, nourish and energise yourself

Sacred Meditation

to connect to your inner source of wisdom

Sacred Journal

to identify your personal path

Sacred Dance

to experience the secrets of your temple-body

Sacred Yoga

to strengthen, rejuvenate and refine your, body, voice and mind

Sacred Chant

to express yourself with authenticity and harmony

Sacred Biofilia

to integrate the wisdom of nature into your life

Sacred Beauty

to honour your essence

Bellé Flora - your guide

Belle Flora at the Ganges

Sacred Arts Muse, Bellé Flora, created her Sacred Arts Seminarium on a cliff overlooking the imperial Spa town of Merano, close to the Unesco World Heritage, the Dolomites. The “Sanctuarium” as she calls it,  is an enchanting tree hut inside the breathtaking castle park of the 5 star boutique retreat Castel Fragsburg, where she implements creative & transformational content.

Bellé teaches you there the knowledge and the riches of her own journey and extraordinary teachers, during her search to understand and use her highly developed intuition and sensitivity that brought Bellé from the Upper Bavarian mountains via Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro , São Paulo, London, Bali, Hawaii and India after almost 20 years to the Alps in South Tyrol.  With her Sacred Arts Seminarium the certified yoga and mystical dance teacher, harpist and medicine soul singer wants to support other (highly) intuitive and sensitive women with their cultivation of potent influential sacred femininity.

The Alchemy of the Sacred Arts Muse

Manifestof the sacred arts muse

She is pure power and peace
she is grace
she is kindness
she is beauty in its sublime imperfection
she is the embodied wisdom of mother earth
she is courage and vulnerability
she is joy and strength
she is sensuality
she is the divine artist
she is acceptance and tolerance
she is the sun, star and moon dancer
she is the soul whisperer and medicine singer
she is stillness
she is sacred movement and ritual
she is wilderness and freedom
she is nourishment and home
she is infinite inspiration
she is gratitude
she is love
she is a blessing




In a series of three transformational weekend retreats following the phases of the moon: New Moon; Crescent Moon and Full Moon, Bellé will create together with you a magnetic field in resonance with THE SACRED ARTS MUSE ALCHEMY OF BODY, MIND, VOICE AND SOUL.

All of the three Sacred Arts retreats are guided by a special theme, which is a question actually. Once a wise person said to Bellé, that wisdom is not a matter of the answer, but of the right question.

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New Moon Sacred Arts Retreat

Which is my gift?

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Crescent Moon Sacred Arts Retreat

What am I here to do?

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Full Moon Sacred Arts Retreat

Where am I going?


Press Releases

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Condé Nast - Traveler

Condé Nast - Traveller

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What other muses say

Dania Al-Ajlani, Client Relations Director, Cartier

Dania Al-Ajlani, Client Relations Director, Cartier

„Bellé is a powerful Sacred Arts Goddess who sent out in the universe healing energy that reached me at a time, when I needed to find myself and love myself. I am forever grateful to Bellé for all the love, healing and for sharing with me her Sacred Arts Rituals that were life changing! She opened up her heart, ears and energy to me and helped me to find the path to my inner Self, my soul, my femininity was deeply searching for. This is only the beginning of my journey with Bellé and her Sacred Arts Rituals and of Fragsburg’s beauty and hospitality. I have embraced the Sacred Arts Muse role and will help pass on this beautiful feminine energy and love to the rest of the world. Thank you Bellé for this wonderful experience and gift! A pure reminder to embrace our beautiful feminine powers.“

Where is the Sacred Arts Seminarium?

Castel Fragsburg Logo
Castel Fragsburg
Castel Fragsburg Garden
Castel Fragsburg Dinner
Castel Fragsburg Pool
Castel Fragsburg Room

The Fragsburg, which is South Tyrol’s smallest 5-star hotel, is widely popular for its exquisite gourmet cuisine, the first alchemical spa in the world and the outstanding scenic location in the heart of vineyards and forests embedded into a 12.000 square meter enchanted castle park. Whoever crosses the entrance portal will feel as though they have stepped out of space and time, wondrously moved by long forgotten dreams and fairy tales.

The Fragsburg is a refuge for people looking for an unforgettable place where to restore their energy, not only to find relaxation and pleasure, but foremost a place where they can discover what it feels like to be transported away by the joy of just being and becoming. It is the heartfelt wish of Alexander Ortner, lord of the castle and partner of Bellé Flora, who represents the third generation leading the Fragsburg, to bring the experience of the beauty of a moment to life: ‘There is no formula to describe beauty, but I know exactly what it feels like.’ The Fragsburg is an extraordinary place of power for aesthetes in search of healing transformation and personal growth.

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All spots at the Sacred Arts Full Moon Retreat from October 11th - October 14th 2019 are already taken. Please sign up for further info, when the next Sacred Arts Retreat will take place.