You are the artist of your being

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Empowerment for women to honour their intuitive nature and to treat their emotional wounds
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Initiation into transformational and healing female wisdom, practices and rituals
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Self Expression

Self Expression with the mighty union of body, mind, voice, heart & soul with natural grace and honesty 

Does this sound like you?

Did you experience some kind of trauma during your childhood or adolescence?

Did you feel misunderstood and constrained by your family and out of place in your overall environment?

Do you battle secretly with the ingrained sensations of insecurity, confusion and fear?

Do you have difficulties to know what your true inclinations are and to follow them through?

Do you think you have to earn love, respect and acceptance by corresponding to the fixed ideals of others?

Do you feel guilt and shame without knowing why?

Do you sabotage on and on your self-realisation, because you think you do not deserve it?

Do you struggle in your relationships?

Do you never feel good enough?


Let me guide you on this transformational and healing path to find out  who you are, why you are here, where you are going, and how your pain body is the fertile humus for your precious one-of-a-kind being.


Sign up for our 8 week Sacred Arts Transformation online. This experience will change your day to day routine and connect you to deep self-love, authentic self-expression & grateful worthiness.

Which are the 8 sacred arts and what do they do for you?

Your thoughts and feelings, caused by your emotions provoke attitudes, which over time create beliefs and influence your reactions, your habits, your perceptions, your behaviour, your decisions, your relationships, even your skill-set. It becomes a subconscious process, which is responsible for the formation of your identity and personality.

In other words your emotions will give you the access key to your subconscious mind and therefore to any part of your organism and every area of your life.

The 8 Sacred Arts are designed to deal with your emotions IN RESONANCE WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF, and IN RESPECT WITH YOUR WOUNDED SELF. Only if you connect to the wholeness of your being through your body, mind, heart, voice & soul can you experience lasting transformation, growth and healing. This is not an intellectual technique, but an EMOTIONAL CREATIVE PROCESS FOR FEMININE POWER AND INSPIRATION in radical changing times.

Sacred Breath

purify, nourish and energise yourself

Sacred Meditation

connect to your inner source of wisdom

Sacred Journal

envision, create and structure your personal path

Sacred Dance

dissolve energy crusts and old forms: physically, mentally and emotionally

Sacred Yoga

strengthen, rejuvenate and refine your whole organism

Sacred Chant

magnetise your voice and enlarge your field of power

Sacred Biofilia

integrate the ancient wisdom of nature into your life

Sacred Beauty

create a conscious connection to your intuitive beauty

Bellé Flora - your guide


Bellé Flora is the creator and founder of the Sacred Arts Seminarium, which is the result of her long & adventurous path for more than thirty years around the world in search of true fulfilment, belonging and worthiness. She was born in a tiny village in the Bavarian Alps, backpacked alone in her early twenties for a year through Latin America, went to Los Angeles to live in Hollywood and became a TV journalist in Brazil, where she met the Japanese healer Eliza Misÿamma, which greatly contributed to Bellé’s development and future path. After she suffered the miscarriage of her only child and got divorced, she followed her call to dedicate her life to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing & transformation. From Brazil, where she was initiated into shamanic plant medicine, cabalistic numerology and mandala magic, she travelled to Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, India, England and Hawaii, where she was trained by worldly and spiritual mentors in yoga, dance, breath expansion, sound healing, meditation, nature wisdom and energy cultivation. When she returned to Europe, she developed and mentored the alchemistic wellness concept of the Virtuoso and Relais & Chateaux hotel Castel Fragsburg in Italy. There she realised that many women independent from their social status, age, or education ache secretly with the wound of unworthiness, a lack of self-love and meaning. Through all these experiences she came to understand that life is not a jumble of incoherent stations, but rather a work of art with energy forms in all shapes and colours merging into magical mandalas, like the pearls in a kaleidoscope. Bellé is convinced that “life prepares us for a special purpose. Through our experiences it is up to everyone of us to find out, who we are, what to do and where to go. I inspire strong, sensitive, intuitive and creative women aware of their emotions and wounds to become whole and to finally experience with all their senses that they are not only worthy, but a divine artist creating a most precious masterpiece giving birth to spirit children. 

Sacred Arts Transformation

Manifest of the Sacred Arts Muse

She is pure power and peace
she is grace
she is kindness
she is beauty in its sublime imperfection
she is the embodied wisdom of mother earth
she is courage and vulnerability
she is joy and strength
she is sensuality
she is the divine artist
she is acceptance and tolerance
she is the sun, star and moon dancer
she is the soul whisperer and medicine singer
she is stillness
she is sacred movement and ritual
she is wilderness and freedom
she is nourishment and home
she is infinite inspiration
she is gratitude
she is love
she is a blessing




In a series of three transformational ONLINE weekend retreats following the phases of the moon: New Moon; Crescent Moon and Full Moon, Bellé will create together with you a magnetic field in resonance with THE SACRED ARTS MUSE ALCHEMY OF BODY, MIND, VOICE AND SOUL.

All of the three Sacred Arts retreats are guided by a special theme, which is a question actually. Once a wise person said to Bellé, that wisdom is not a matter of the answer, but of the right question.

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New Moon Sacred Arts Retreat

Which is my gift?

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Crescent Moon Sacred Arts Retreat

What am I here to do?

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Full Moon Sacred Arts Retreat

Where am I going?


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What other muses say

Dania Al-Ajlani, Client Relations Director, Cartier

Dania Al-Ajlani, Client Relations Director, Cartier

„Bellé is a powerful Sacred Arts Goddess who sent out in the universe healing energy that reached me at a time, when I needed to find myself and love myself. I am forever grateful to Bellé for all the love, healing and for sharing with me her Sacred Arts Rituals that were life changing! She opened up her heart, ears and energy to me and helped me to find the path to my inner Self, my soul, my femininity was deeply searching for. This is only the beginning of my journey with Bellé and her Sacred Arts Rituals. Thank you Bellé for this wonderful experience and gift! A pure reminder to embrace our beautiful feminine powers.“