The Alchemy of the Sacred Arts Muse

Questions + Answers

What are the 8 Sacred Arts and what will they do for me?

The 8 Sacred Arts of Breath, Meditation, Journal, Yoga, Dance, Chant, Beauty and Biofilia, which is the sacred wisdom of mother earth, are the ingredients a human needs to naturally produce “Ambrosia”: This is a precious cocktail of dopamine and serotonin for creativity, oxytocin and endorphins for powerful feel-good-energy, melatonin for relaxation and clarity as well as DHEA and GH hormones for longevity and youth.
This mix of endogenous biochemical substances can be considered as deeply nourishing soul food, which allows us to connect to source, the divine realm, the universe, however you want to call it, in order to lead a loving, healthy, fulfilled and meaningful life in resonance with your authentic essence and purpose.

What is the Alchemy of the Sacred Arts Muse?

It is the transformation of your ordinary life battle into a Sacred Arts Ritual, which allows you to access your full potential. It is a vibrational cure and energy booster, which changes everything. It changes the way you perceive yourself and your environment. Once you change your view, your inner and outer world changes.

What do you mean by that?

The integration of the 8 Sacred Arts in your day to day life refines your energetic body, your physical form, your thoughts, your taste, your voice, your expression, your awareness and concentration. It brightens your aura. You connect to higher realms and rise the frequency of your vibration. You create resonance with beauty, love, health, grace, creativity, joy, self-esteem, musicality, security, rhythm, power, kindness, manifestation and all, which is serving your highest good.

How can I transform the ordinary life in a Sacred Arts Ritual?

A ritual is a symbolic and festive act according to given guide-lines. It is dedicated to specific intentions and enriched with powerful word formulas and gestures. It creates potent, magical energy. Can you imagine what happens, when you realize that through intentional dancing, journaling, breathing, chanting, connecting to Beauty, doing Yoga, practicing Biofilia and meditating your organism produces the Ambrosia, which rises the vibration and frequency of your cells. This means your organism becomes balanced, activated, cleansed, refreshed and experiences healing and development on a physical, mental and emotional level.

How is it possible to integrate the 8 Sacred Arts in a busy daily life?

Once you are initiated, you start to get inspired by the Sacred Arts Muse inside of you. It becomes a pleasure to wake up earlier and meditate, a need to honor your life with a chant, to lift your spirit and body with a dance, to tune into the healing frequency of beauty, to journal about the next steps, to free your body, mind and voice of limiting crystallizations with yoga, to receive the magical gifts of nature through the practice of biofilia, to nourish and cleanse your organism with deep breath. From that moment on, you create your own Sacred Arts Rituals throughout the day. It is not a question of the quantity of time, but a question of intention and consistency.

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